Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers Takes Unplanned, One-Day Hiatus

I was all set to post a profile of Brewers minor league pitching prospect Dan Merklinger today. Last spring Dan wore #65 so today would have been his day.

I normally wouldn’t mention the lack of an article, but had promised five straight days of profiles this week.

I remembered that it was Merklinger who had been designated for assignment when Marco Estrada was tapped to fill in for an injured Zack Greinke to begin last season. This came only about four months after Merkinger’s being added to the 40-man roster in the first place, but I still was going to profile Merklinger this off season anyway.

In performing my due diligence, however, I realized that Merklinger wasn’t invited to big league spring training this year as I guess I assumed he had been.

Therefore, I really didn’t feel it would be a good use of resources to draft an entire profile of him this year.

The series will officially resume tomorrow with a profile of #64: Michael Fiers. This week’s installments conclude Friday then with a look at Frankie De La Cruz.

Thanks for following along so far this winter. See you in this space again tomorrow.

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