VOTE: Now That All 2013 Brewers Bobbleheads Have Been Revealed, To Which Are You Most Looking Forward?


I see that Hank Aaron is in the lead. He is a very nice guy and was one of the baseball greats. He has been honored so many times and I don’t hear much about Stormin’ Gorman Thomas. I feel it is time he was honored with a Bobblehead!

No love for Harvey, Benjie or Boomer. Pretty sad.

Fun poll. Very creative idea. Of course Hank Aaron! Can’t wait to pick that one up. It would be very cool if Harvey’s had “Wallbangers” printed on it somewhere. Also, Aoki and Benji are great choices for the new Bobbleheads. Hope to be able to pick up a few! C’mon….. Springtime!!

Braun…Aaron….Aoki…….I see a few sellout games in that list.🙂

Can’t wait for George Scott. I’m a big fan of Hank, Hart and Braun, but it’s fun to get some new ones.

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