Carlos Gomez Bobblehead Revealed!

Here is a look at the Carlos Gomez bobblehead which will be given away on Sunday, June 9, 2013 at Miller Park!



Image courtesy of the Brewers PR staff.


Is there a alternate bobble or retro?

All Cerveceros, as I understand it. That’s unique enough. Plus, there isn’t exactly a retro Cerveceros look.😉

Yes there is. It will feature the yellow cerveceros jersey from a couple years ago.

That’s not an alternate though. That’s what they all look like.

Be nice if there was a limited one of some kind

Why’s that? Isn’t just getting a free collectible enough?

There is a rare one. 2 years ago the brewers wore a cerveceros jersey that was more of a true yellow not gold!! My brother works for the brewers and he showed me both side by side.

Got 2 yellow and two gold gomez bobbles. Good day.

Look for the yellow cerveceros gomez. 5000 of them.

If there were 5000 of them you would think at least one person on the 2 busses we had get one. I’ve yet to see a “retro” anywhere. Not even on eBay. I’d love to see a picture of these so called retros.

There’s one on eBay that has gold numbers but it almost looks like it might be an error. There are a couple of pictures that do look more yellow, but its hard to tell and it might be the lighting.

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