Brewer Nation In-Game: Brewers at Twins – Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tonight’s lineups…

RF Aoki
SS Segura
LF Braun
DH Ramirez
CF Gomez
C Lucroy
1B Betancourt
2B Weeks
3B Bianchi

TWINS – updated
3B Escobar
2B Dozier
DH Mauer
LF Willingham
RF Doumit
1B Parmelee
C Herrmann
CF Hicks
SS Florimon

***UPDATE: Trevor Plouffe was originally scheduled to start at 3B and hit 6th. He has been scratched. Escobar moves to 3B and Florimon comes in to play SS.***


RHP Marco Estrada (4-2, 4.94) vs. RHP Samuel Deduno (0-1, 10.13)


Bianchi 9th and Weeks 8th?

sounds good to me 🙂

Wicked HBP on Nori. Hopefully he’s okay once he’s off of it and it doesn’t swell.

Frustrating wall ball there. If Nori had any experience in Target Field maybe he’d have played that differently. Tough to say.


amen to that

Whats Segura`s walkup song called?

Should be iron man… By black sabbath!

“En Cualto Eh Que Tamo” by Chimbala

Estrada already had his “bad inning”?? We just need to score one run at a time now??

drops a pin……

where is MR GAHN!!!

Hopefully on Facebook.

Angel called one for the brewers finally?

damn it Hicks

Nice diving catch there by Hicks. Couple good ones these past couple games.

What a pain in the ass he’s turning out to be.

I second that…

Gahn blocked me lololol

Not in here correct? Just fb?

Anyone think this centerfield, batter view, camera angle is about maybe 12′ too high???

Unlike in Pittsburgh, they want to you at least see the plate here in Minnesota.

Better than a Uecker seat I guess?

finally got 7 innings from someone

Alright, i am soooooo sick and tired of our guys getting hit, WE NEED TO RETALIATE!! I’m sorry but maybe that’s what they need to wake up!

Like when Prince smacked Parra? Haha..

Weeks hasn’t been plunked since Opening Day. Might be just what he needs to really turn things around completely.

haha yep

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